KALE won a new title from the government

  • 2021-06-16 23:58:18
  • Author: 超级管理员

On April 13th, the Shanghai Industrial Design Center, Design Leading Demonstration Enterprise Award and 2021 Shanghai Design, Fashion, Brand Series Work Update Meeting was held. The relevant leaders of the Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, the District Economic and Information Technology Commission (Commerce Commission), the relevant industry associations, and the heads of design enterprises attended the meeting. City Economic and Information Commission Vice Director, Changning District Commerce Commission Director, Songjiang District Economic Commission Vice Director and other leaders delivered a speech. A KALE representative took the stage to accept the award.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and determination of national industrial design center work requirement and the municipal party committee, municipal government priority arrangement, guide enterprises to design driving force for innovation and development, design to lead the leading role of relevant industries, in Shanghai to join the United Nations "creative cities network, become" design it all "10 anniversary, In particular, the first batch of practical design to lead the establishment of demonstration enterprises.

Design led demonstration enterprise refers to the industry, service industry, digital economy and other fields, the design of the enterprise level in the same industry leading position, in order to design eagerly anticipates the enterprise development, product research and development, product design results in the realization of the iteration, brand construction, achievements in their new mode of cultivating new forms and so on, has the demonstration and the guiding role of the enterprise.

In 2010, KALE Environment was formally established. KALE attaches great importance to design and research and development, and keeps polishing and improving. KALE's design level is in the leading position in the industry, leading the development of the enterprise by design, no matter in new product research and development, product iteration, brand building, cultivating new business forms and new models, design work has played a very significant role. Thank you for your recognition! Achievements and honors, inspired us not to forget the original intention, forge ahead all the way!

In the future, we will always adhere to the "all customer-centric", uphold the "sincere, respect; Focus, attentiveness "values, continuous efforts, forge ahead, and continue to expand the business territory, to provide customers with the best quality products and services.