Kale won a new reward

  • 2021-03-23 17:48:39
  • Author: Yaphet Guan

On March 18, 2021, the central Songjiang District Xinqiao Town Committee and Songjiang District Xinqiao Town People's government held the "reform and innovation for development, hard work for a new chapter" Xinqiao Town 2020 outstanding enterprise commendation meeting and 2021 key project centralized signing ceremony. Li Qian, deputy secretary and head of Songjiang District Party committee, Liu Fusheng, deputy head of Songjiang District, Chen Rong, director of Songjiang District Economic and Information Technology Commission, Lu Feng, director of Songjiang District Market Supervision Bureau, Cao Leijun, Secretary of Xinqiao Town Party committee, Li Yi, deputy secretary of Xinqiao Town Party committee and head of Songjiang District, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the Deputy Secretary of Songjiang District Committee, Li Qian, deputy district director liufusheng, Chenrong, director of the District Economic and Information Technology Commission, Lufeng, director of the district market supervision bureau, caorejun, Party Secretary of Xinqiao Town, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Xinqiao Town and Li Yi, the mayor of the town, attended the meeting, and Cao Lei Jun, deputy district director of Songjiang District and caorejun, Party Secretary of Xinqiao Town, made speeches at the meeting. Liu said the achievement of Xinqiao can not be separated from the efforts and dedication of entrepreneurs. In 2021, Xinqiao Town, based on the strategic orientation given by the District Committee to the production city integration demonstration area, issued a gong for the opening of the 14th five year plan of Xinqiao in the form of centralized signing of key projects, and ran out of the acceleration of the opening of the 14th five year plan in the form of "decisive battle and starting is sprint". Secretary Cao said that in 2021, Xinqiao will accelerate the pace of "high quality" and "modernization", accelerate the construction of the demonstration area of production city integration, accelerate the pace of innovation and development of enterprises, make excellence and strength, and draw new blueprint and create brilliant achievements with entrepreneurs.

In 2020, facing novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic test and complex and changeable domestic and international environment, Xinqiao Town Party committee and government insisted on building the innovation and innovation base of G60 creation corridor in Yangtze River Delta. The purpose of this meeting is to commend a large number of outstanding enterprises with excellent performance, innovative development and dedication emerging in the development practice, which have made great contributions to the economic and social development of Xinqiao.

In 2010, Kale environment was officially established. With the strong support of the people's Government of Xinqiao Town, Songjiang District, it has been growing vigorously. Today's Kale environment is widely praised and trusted by customers for its exquisite technology, design and craft, practical and beautiful products, considerate, standard and customer-oriented service. Success and honor come from the efforts and efforts of all the people in Kale. Achievements and honor also encourage us not to forget our original intention and forge ahead all the way!

In the future, we will always adhere to the principle of "all customer-oriented" and "sincere, respect; Focus, heart "values, continuous efforts, forge ahead, and constantly expand business territory, to provide customers with the best quality products and services.