How To Clean Industrial Fans

  • 2022-10-20 22:20:41
  • Author: HVLS FANS

Industrial ceiling fans are mainly used in places with complex environments such as production and processing workshops. Over time, they will inevitably become dirty. If they are not cleaned, they are neither healthy nor safe, and will increase power consumption. Therefore, they need to be cleaned regularly. So how to wash industrial ceiling fans?

1. Use the climbing tool as a special tool to remove the fan blades and casing of the large industrial fan.

2. To clean the disassembled industrial fan components, generally use clean cotton cloth, plastic foam, satin or other soft scrapers for cleaning. Do not use scrapers, gauze and other raw materials that are very easy to damage the production and processing surface.              

3. After the surface of the parts is completely cleaned and tidy, pay attention to maintaining the parts that will not be affected, especially the production and processing surfaces should maintain the original precision.

4. The cleaned parts of the large industrial fan should not be assembled immediately. They should be coated with grease and covered with clean moisture-proof paper to prevent dust from falling into it. It should be opened after reassembly.                              

5. After the disassembled industrial ceiling fan is cleaned, the fixed components at the top of the industrial large fan can be handled externally, and it can be directly scrubbed with a clean towel and alkaline cleaning solution. 

6. After all the components are cleaned and dried, re-install the industrial ceiling fan according to the installation method of the industrial large fan to complete the cleaning work.