Hvls Fan Work In The Mobile Cabin Hospital

  • 2022-12-02 00:21:49
  • Author: Kale Fans
Experts suggest that reducing the virus concentration in a closed space can effectively reduce the chances of infection for patients and medical staff. In an environment like a square cabin, some experts believe that environmental ventilation is the most effective measure to dilute indoor viruses.

For tall and large space venues, the central air-conditioning ventilation system used in the past will have virus residues during operation, making it difficult to clean and disinfect, easily causing cross-infection in unconnected spaces and secondary air pollution caused by residual viruses in the pipeline, so it is no longer a safe choice.

How Kale fans work in the mobile cabin hospital

When the Kale large fan is running, the wind speed is low and the air volume is large, which can form a super large coverage area and form an air circulation in the room. It can increase the indoor air exchange rate by adjusting the blower, and push the air to carry the disinfectant to every dead corner in the room, which is greatly improved. disinfecting effect, thereby reducing virus residue.

Why choose Kale fans

1,The Kale hvls fan is aimed at the characteristics of tall and wide venues, and the maximum diameter of the equipment can reach 24ft; combined with a series of cutting-edge technologies such as aerodynamics, transmission dynamics, mechanical mechanics, etc., it makes the wind come out naturally, driven by super-strong airflow, and realize tallness the space is generally ventilated.

2,The motor has a long service life, and it can run 24 hours a year without failure.

3,Use BLDC motor to reduce the noise to less than 40dB (40dB sound will not disturb the baby to sleep, it is the sound in the reading room.) The Kale large fan has the same aerodynamic tail as modern aviation, racing cars, and rowing boats to avoid energy loss. The fan blades are made of imported special high-strength aviation magnesium-aluminum alloys, which are strong and safe; the streamlined fan blades can be processed to 20,000 Hours of work, maintenance-free, life expectancy is 5 times that of ordinary fans.

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