HVLS Fans Promote Enterprises to Return to Work

  • 2022-05-18 00:02:22
  • Author: Kale Fans

Kale Fans specializes in the development and production of large industrial fans, which effectively promote air circulation, create a comfortable working environment, and improve office efficiency.

In the communication with enterprise users, we found that users have several misunderstandings about indoor ventilation.

Misunderstanding 1: Opening the window can achieve the ideal ventilation effect 

Misunderstanding 2: Choosing an air conditioner, a fresh air system or a negative pressure machine can completely meet the needs of ventilation and cooling

Due to the limitation of space, the tall and sealed workshop has a wide space. The use of fresh air system or negative pressure fan not only consumes a lot of energy but also does not save energy, and it is impossible to send the flowing air to every corner.

In addition, if an air conditioner is used, it can only reduce the temperature of the local part of the factory. At the same time, when the air conditioner is turned on, the doors and windows must be tightly closed, and the air cannot be circulated at this time.

Kale Fans HVLS ceiling fans increase ventilation efficiency and make indoor oxygen more abundant

The maximum diameter of the Kale fans industrial large fan is 7.3 meters. When used with 1-5m/s stepless speed regulation, it can drive a large amount of air flow (13050m³/min) with only low power in a high and large sealed environment. Bring about 1000 to 1500 square meters of air supply area, to achieve good indoor air circulation effect.
If combined with the use of windows, exhaust fans, roof fans, can promote indoor air flow, while accelerating the entry of external air, can increase the comfort of the human body, working in such an environment, make employees clear, work efficiency is also significantly improved. 

Kale HVLS ceiling fans cooperate with disinfecting work to achieve better results 

The deployment of disinfection work is very important for all kinds of places, especially places where people are densely populated and pollutants gather. At this time, the use of Kale industrial energy-saving large fans is convenient to increase the contact area between the air and the disinfectant, so that the disinfectant can be sprayed to the dead corners of the room, which greatly improves the disinfecting effect and eliminates virus residues. In addition, the scenes that Kale fans can use include bazaars, shopping malls, hotels, offices (business halls), entertainment venues, stations, residential areas, etc.

Kale Fans dehumidify and dehumidify to improve indoor ambient air quality

In addition to cooperating with daily epidemic prevention measures, the main function of Kale industrial energy-saving large fans is to dehumidify and dehumidify. Start the Kale fans in a tall and wide space, and a 2-3 meter high airflow layer will be formed on the ground. 

The air in the space circulates rapidly, and the humid gas can be well dispersed and absorbed, which can effectively prevent the goods from being damp and mildewed, thereby preventing the growth of viruses and bacteria.

Kale industrial big ceiling fans help enterprises to clean the air, improve the working environment, and escort the health of human beings.