Ventilation and Cooling Solutions for Livestock

  • 2023-01-06 14:46:34
  • Author: Kale Fans

Typical Place

Dairy Farm Pig Farm Sheep Farm Horse Farm Chicken Coop

Industry Characteristics

High temperature | Humid environment | Lots of germs | Livestock get sick easily | Lots of mosquitoes | Big smell | High mortality | Low milk production


The animal husbandry site is the initial application occasion for the invention of the HVLS industrial large ceiling fan. The environmental control of animal husbandry is related to the growth and development of livestock, disease resistance and epidemic prevention, milk production, and qualified milk production. It is not only the basic guarantee of production, but also a measure of epidemic prevention and disease prevention.


Dairy farms, sheep farms, pig farms and other livestock places are usually semi-open buildings, relatively messy. The use of small industrial horn fans cannot achieve the air conditioning of the entire shed, and the cost of installing air conditioners and other equipment is too high. Using large industrial ceiling fans, it can achieve all-round coverage of the entire livestock breeding site and activity area, and is an ideal device for farmers to control the growth environment of livestock.


Industry Challenge

1. In summer, the ambient temperature is high, which cannot effectively reduce the body surface temperature of livestock, which has a major impact on livestock food intake, daily weight gain, reproductive capacity and final output.

2. In summer and wet seasons, the breeding grounds are full of mosquitoes, and the use of insecticides will affect the animals and cannot effectively repel mosquitoes.

3. The ventilation in the farm is not good, the air is not circulated, and there are many germs in the air. The livestock are prone to diseases, and the diseases are easy to infect each other, and the mortality rate is high.

4. Livestock feces cannot be cleaned in time, and the volatile odor is heavy, containing hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and other gases, which stay for a long time and are not easy to disperse. These gases have a strong irritating effect on mucous membranes and are toxic. Livestock exposed to such an environment for a long time will cause health problems, resulting in illness or even death.

5. The area of the breeding place is large, and cooling and heating equipment such as air conditioners are used, which wastes a lot of energy and increases the cost of breeding.


Solution Advantages

1. Body surface cooling

Through the slow rotation of the large-diameter industrial ceiling fan, a three-dimensional circulating airflow is formed to cover the pig house, so as to reduce the surface temperature of the livestock. Appropriate temperature can make livestock feel comfortable, increase appetite, promote digestion, accelerate growth cycle, reproduction and production capacity.

2. Repel mosquitoes

The large industrial ceiling fan pushes the airflow, supplies air from top to bottom, enhances air circulation in all directions, multi-angles, and has no dead ends, covering the entire breeding place, repelling mosquitoes, and preventing livestock from being bitten.

3. Reduce disease

The circulating flow of industrial large ceiling fans can quickly exchange with outdoor fresh air through doors, windows or roofs, reducing germs in the air and preventing diseases and infections.

4. Purify the air

The air volume generated by the operation of the large ceiling fan drives the air flow, which can remove harmful gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide in the site in time, improve air quality, improve the living environment, and reduce the incidence of livestock diseases.

5. Energy saving and emission reduction

Each large ceiling fan consumes only 0.8 degrees of electricity per hour, which effectively reduces operating costs compared to other ventilation and cooling equipment.


     The Eurus III is a new type of large air volume fan based on PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor) technology and the maximum diameter is 7.3 meters. The maximum torque reaches 300N.m, and the full-load air volume reaches 14800m³/min, which exceeds the air volume of conventional products by more than 30%. It can promote the circulation of space airflow at higher efficiency, achieve the purpose of cooling personnel, and improve environmental comfort

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