What is the Price of HVLS Fans?

  • 2022-06-28 01:49:09
  • Author: Kale Fans

Since large industrial ceiling fans only need one kilowatt-hour of electricity, so it can solve the ventilation and cooling problem of a 1,000 square meters workshop at a very low cost. Therefore, large HVLS fans are accepted and selected by more and more enterprises. So how much is a large industrial ceiling fan? Why is it so expensive? Follow Kale Fans(HVLS Ceiling Fans) to find out
The full name of HVLS fan is high volume low speed, which is called industrial large fan and industrial large ceiling fan in the Chinese market. Of course, its use is not limited to the industrial sector (factories, warehouses, etc.)
HVLS fans are not our common head-shaking fans, wall fans and floor fans. Although it is relatively large in size compared to household fans, their uses and properties are completely different from each other. The most common size for a large industrial fan today is 7.3 meters (24 feet) in diameter, you can imagine how big it is! So to be exact, large industrial ceiling fans belong to ventilation cooling equipment, but not the category of fans! The HVLS fan was invented by an American company in 1999, and its purpose was to solve the problem of high summer temperature for dairy cows on the farm.
HVLS fans can produce huge soft wind at low speed and low noise, similar to the effect of natural wind, so they are gradually widely used in industrial plants and commercial tall spaces (such as railway stations, bus stations, gyms, etc.).
About 2007, HVLS fans were introduced into China. At first, we can agent for foreign brands. Later, we gradually developed into many local industrial fan brand manufacturers. Large industrial fans were only used in industrial places at first, and began to extend to many businesses. Therefore, HVLS fans have become the perfect solution for ventilation and cooling in some tall and spacious spaces.

How much does a large industrial ceiling fan cost?

It is a difficult question to answer, on the one hand, because different brands of large industrial ceiling fans use different materials and craftsmanship, so the prices are also very different. In addition, after years of development and upgrading of large industrial ceiling fans, it has changed from the first generation to the second generation to the third generation. There are many differences between them, and there will be a certain gap in price, so asking the price of large industrial ceiling fans has no practical reference significance. When choosing large industrial ceiling fans, many enterprises will choose the third-generation large industrial ceiling fans, because the third-generation large-scale industrial ceiling fans use permanent magnet synchronous motors, which do not require maintenance costs and can be maintenance-free for life. Moreover, the third generation of industrial fans do not require regular maintenance and replacement of lubricating oil, and there is no risk of oil pollution. Moreover, the service life of the third generation large industrial fans is longer, because the third generation large industrial ceiling fans can achieve IP64 waterproof and dustproof, which can effectively prolong the service life. In addition to these advantages, they also have the advantages of high air volume, ultra-quiet and large torque, which are not only more economical and labor-saving, but also more comfortable to use. The first and second generation large industrial ceiling fans can not do this because of their structure.
Our Suggestion

Users who purchase large industrial ceiling fans can go to the factory for on-site inspection and comparison to understand the relevant scale, strength, professionalism, technical parameters and manufacturing process of the manufacturer. At the same time, manufacturers are also required to provide plans and quotations after on-site inspection. The price of one unit large industrial fan must be known according to the specific situation of the plan!
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