Whether The Hvls Fan Can Be Used In Winter

  • 2022-11-10 22:43:11
  • Author: KaleFans

In summer, it is necessary to use large industrial HVLS fans in factories, warehouses, supermarkets and other large places. It can eliminate heat, ventilate and remove odor, which is very effective. Some customers ask whether the large industrial fan can be used in winter? The answer is certainly usable. Let's take a look at the role of industrial fans in winter!

1. Increase Heating Energy

Although there is a heating equipment in winter, if the ideal effect cannot be achieved, it is also very troublesome. At this time, high volume low speed fans can be used to help improve the heating performance, because when the industrial fans are running at low speed, they will collect the hot air on the roof. Blow down and mix with the slightly cooler air on the ground, which can effectively reduce heat loss. The use of large industrial fans in winter can effectively eliminate cold and hot stratification. It can enhance the practicality of thermal energy and play a greater role.

2. Indoor Dehumidification

In winter, the indoor environment is damp. In industrial plants or warehouse,the humid environment is easy to cause deformation of materials and products due to moisture. For human, the humid environment will make you feel wet and cold, and a Kale hvls fan can solve the problem. For this problem, the operation of the industrial hvls ceiling fan strengthens the air flow, thereby controlling the condensation of the air in the environment, making the environment clean, dry and comfortable, which is very beneficial to the human and product.

3. Dust Suppression

There will be a lot of dust in many factories. If you let it float in the air, and workers forget to wear masks, long-term inhalation will lead to worker unhealthy. Using a large hvls fan can promote the circulation of the cooling fan and effectively ensure the air quality. The wind force of the hvls fan will not cause the dust on the ground to be scattered everywhere, because the large industrial fan is generally installed on the top of the factory.

4. Aeration

In terms of logistics industry, industrial hvls fans are widely used in winter. The use of industrial large fans can generate 1-3 three-dimensional natural winds. Under the action of natural winds, the indoor air is continuously stirred to drive the air flow, so that the fresh air can be continuously mixed with the indoor air. Exchange to ensure that the room is dry and the air is fresh.

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