Which Ceiling Fan is Best for Summer?

  • 2022-04-26 01:33:56
  • Author: Kale Fans

High temperature environment affects worker productivity

When a person works in a high temperature environment of 28-32°C, the body temperature rises and the human body sweats a lot, causing the workers to feel tired all over the body, which will not only cause discomfort to the human body, but also affect the health of the body. At the same time, experiments have shown that with the increase of temperature and the decrease of airflow speed, people's production efficiency will be significantly reduced.

Working in a high temperature environment may cause accidents

The high temperature environment accelerates the blood circulation of the body surface, the brain center is relatively ischemia, and the attention is reduced, thus increasing the incidence of accidents.

In order to avoid high temperature to the health of workers and production efficiency of trouble, precautionary cooling work is essential! Follow us inside the factory of China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Corporation. The machine is roaring, the workers are sweating like rain, the clothes are wet and dry. Just standing next to the welding master ten minutes, you will feel the discomfort of high temperature.  At present, the weather has not entered the hot summer sweat flow more than, it is difficult to imagine how the high temperature workers will spend the hot summer.

Enterprise working environment features:

The workshop space is tall and the span is far;

The production equipment produces peculiar smell and high heat;

Structural parts welding and other work caused by high ambient temperature and bad working conditions.


In order to disperse the hot air accumulated in the workshop and relieve the stuffy and unventilated working environment of the workshop, China Railway Construction Heavy Industry chose to install the Kale fans brand industrial energy-saving large fan. The person in charge informed: "After installing the large-scale kale hvls ceiling fans, the air volume of the fans can be adjusted, and workers can work normally in summer, and the efficiency has become higher."

Kale Fans Industrial & Commercial HVLS Ceiling Fan Advantages

Simulate natural wind to reduce body temperature

Turn on the Kale fans hvls ceiling fan, the fan will generate three-dimensional natural wind, accelerate the evaporation of human sweat, take away the body heat, and the body temperature will be reduced by 5°C to 8°C. Even in a high temperature working environment, there will be a comfortable and cool feeling.

Super wide coverage of air supply area

One set of hvls ceiling fan with a diameter of 7.3m can cover a radius of more than 20 meters, and the air supply area is about 1,000 to 1,500 square meters. Especially in a tall and wide space, Kale fans will push the air above it vertically when it is running. The ground, and then a 2-3 meter high airflow layer is formed on the ground, resulting in a coverage larger than the fan area.


The reason why KALE's industrial energy-saving large fans can cover such a large area depends on the KALE Airfoil Blades™ design, which reduces resistance to a minimum and at the same time converts electrical energy into aerodynamic energy with high efficiency.

Energy saving effect is much better than small fans

After rigorous data calculation, compared with traditional small fans, Kale industrial large fans take a space of 3000 square meters as an example. It runs 30 days a month and 10 hours a day, and runs for 5 months a year. It is estimated that the Kale fans can reduce a total of 216,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity. Calculated by saving 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity = 0.997 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions, a total of 215,352 kilograms of carbon dioxide can be reduced.

Under the same circumstances, compared with the air conditioner, Kale fans is estimated to reduce energy consumption by 666,000 kWh in total. Calculated by saving 1 kWh of electricity = 0.997 kg of carbon dioxide emission reduction, a total of 664,002 kg of carbon dioxide can be reduced!

If HVLS fans is used with air conditioner, whether it is cooling or heating, the effect will be doubled. Kale fans easily mixes the air gathered at the top of the building with the air on the ground, eliminates the stratification of cold and heat, and reduces the on-off time of the air-conditioning unit, saving more than 50% of energy. If you need any ventilation and cooling help, please contact us directly, we will provide the best ventilation solution for you.