Why Commercial Space Need HVLS Fans?

  • 2021-03-23 17:48:39
  • Author: Kale Fans

Kale Commercial HVLS fans with a diameter of 6.5 feet to 14 feet can be used in various large commercial environments.

Energy-saving commercial HVLS fans have a very powerful ventilation effect and can accelerate the airflow in commercial places, and improve indoor air quality, it is enough to keep your space cool and comfortable, and at the same time, you don't need to install multiple small household fans.

Kale commercial HVLS fans are among the most efficient, durable, and economical in the industry. It can effectively help commercial spaces reduce humidity, eliminate condensation, and mold, and accelerate air circulation with low-cost energy. 

Kale HVLS commercial ceiling fans are designed for many entertainment and fitness spaces such as cafes, churches, mosques, schools, restaurants, and playgrounds. Secondly, it produces a sound of less than 40 dBa, completely ignoring the noise, making it a perfect choice for a concert hall or academic hall.

HVLS ceiling fans do more than just cool down; they also eliminate air stratification, increase productivity, lower power bills, and help create an exceptionally comfortable environment in industrial and commercial spaces. Therefore, HVLS fans can effectively increase your return on investment in the long run and benefit your commercial and industrial facilities a lot.

Kale Fans have been deeply cultivating HVLS fans for several years, to provide customers with perfect ventilation and cooling solutions, please contact us directly.