Why Do Businesses Use HVLS Fans for Ventilation?

  • 2021-03-23 17:48:39
  • Author: Kale Fans

The large industrial ceiling fans with a diameter of 7.3m can be used for ventilation and cooling in factories and shopping malls. The power consumption of each fan is only 1.5kw per hour, which can cover more than 1,500 square meters of workshop ventilation and cooling. 

Kale Fans industrial ceiling fans are EURUS II and EURUS III, it is large diameter low speed HVLS industrial ceiling fans. Whether it is a tall industrial plant, warehouse logistics center, or a large commercial place, large ceiling fans can be seen.

Large industrial and commercial ceiling fans have unparalleled advantages, and HVLS fans are an effective solution to ventilation and air quality deficiencies. They will lower your high heating and cooling bills and reduce your business operating costs.

Large industrial ceiling fans can effectively accelerate the airflow, and the continuous natural breeze can make employees feel the cooling effect of 5-8 ℃, which can create a comfortable environment for your employees, improve their productivity levels, and meet the demand for better ventilation. At the same time, the power consumption per hour is extremely low, which helps enterprises to save energy and reduce consumption.

In addition, the continuous flow of air can make the air in the workshop dry and cool, prevent the growth of mildew and bacteria, and also help ventilation and effectively remove the dirty air in the workshop. At present, in the case of poor ventilation and stuffy heat in many high-rise buildings, commercial large ceiling fans can be selected. Compared with air conditioners, it not only requires less investment, but also has better effects, and can help enterprises save costs.

At this time, some people will have questions, why does the factory not install wall fans? Because the wall fan is not only low cost but also does not take up space. However, the factory buildings are often tall and large. If you choose to install wall fans, the number will be very large, the wiring will be very troublesome, and there will be certain safety hazards. In addition, the coverage area of the wall fans is limited, and usually, only the area around the wall fans can be covered. If the air cannot be circulated, the energy consumption of the wall fan will increase, resulting in higher operating costs in the later stage. Therefore, many enterprises and commercial places are using large ceiling fans to solve the problem of ventilation and cooling.

Kale Fans focuses on the R&D, production, and sales of PMSM motor-driven industrial and commercial ceiling fans. Our large fans are widely used in workshops, farms, automobiles, aviation, shopping malls, stations, fitness centers, schools, and other large places to help enterprises ventilate cooling and save energy, improving production efficiency, contact us for more knowledge about HVLS fans and ventilation and cooling solutions.