Why HVLS Fans Are so Popular in the Fitness Market

  • 2022-04-22 01:23:06
  • Author: Kale Fans

Why are large-diameter HVLS ceiling fans so popular in the fitness market? We have to start with the following aspects:

1. Monthly electricity cost of HVLS fans compared to air conditioners

The power of the HVLS kale fan is less than 1kW. If the electricity cost is calculated as 1 yuan/kWh, the electricity consumption for 12 hours is less than 12 yuan, and the monthly electricity cost is about 360 yuan. A 4.9m hvls ceiling fan (HVLS-D4AAA49) can cover a space of about 500 meters. Using air conditioners in the same area requires about 6 air conditioners of 5 hp, each with a power of 4kW, power consumption of about 288 yuan per 12 hours, and a monthly electricity bill of about 8640 yuan. Therefore, compared with 360 yuan and 8640 yuan, the electricity cost of Kale fans hvls ceiling fan is almost negligible.

2. It can reduce the use time of air conditioner

Due to the density of people in gyms, the air conditioning is estimated to be turned on for 6 to 8 months or more each year. Even in spring and autumn, the gym needs to turn on the air conditioning to eliminate the sweltering feeling. If Kale Fans HVLS fans are installed, the use time of air conditioners can be reduced by more than 3 months on average. A 300-square-meter gym can save more than 20,000 yuan in electricity bills annually just by reducing air conditioning time.

3. HVLS fan can be combined with the air conditioner to lower the air conditioner temperature set point and save energy by more than 20%

Many customers who experience large fans on site will feel cold under the HVLS large fan for a long time. Therefore, when the HVLS fan and the air conditioner are used at the same time, it is completely possible to increase the set temperature of the air conditioner by 3~5 degrees, and reduce the temperature of the air conditioner at the same time. Air volume to achieve the purpose of energy saving. According to professional data, each time the temperature set by the air conditioner is increased by 1 degree, the electricity bill can be saved by 6%~10%; according to the power consumption of the above 400 square meter gym air conditioner, if the HVLS fan is used with the air conditioner, You can save at least 2,000 yuan per month in electricity bills.

4. The installation of HVLS fans can reduce the investment of HVAC system power and piping system

In winter, the HVLS fan is reversed to blow down the hot air accumulated on the roof, which also has the effect of energy saving. Different from ordinary household ceiling fans, HVLS fans have the function of reversing, so that when there is no wind under the fan, the hot air accumulated on the roof can be knocked down through the reversal of the HVLS fan in winter, and the temperature of the ground can be raised by 3 degrees. It can also save 20% and 30% of electricity bills.

5. Eliminate the smell of sweat by circulating air

Unlike ordinary household ceiling fans and vertical fans, a 7.3m diameter HVLS fan can generate 340,000 cubic feet per minute of airflow to circulate air throughout the room, eliminating unpleasant odors and mold.

6. Improve comfort

Those who have experienced HVLS fans know that there will be a feeling of natural wind under the fan, which can not only achieve the purpose of cooling down, but also won't make people uncomfortable like air conditioning. Therefore, exercising in a room with HVLS fans will be very comfortable.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that the use of ceiling fans with high air volume and low speed (HVLS) brings many benefits to the gym. Choosing Kale fans industrial and commercial large ceiling fans can create great value for users and completely eliminate the worries of users.