Zipper closure 1/5 zip athletic pullovers for men. Stretchy, lightweight, fast-drying fabric for superior performance. REGULAR FIT - US standard sizes. An athletic fit that sits close to the body for a wide range of motion, designed for optimal performance and all day comfort. FEATURES - Quarter zip closure;Thumbholes on long sleeves to keep them in place during workout
Production Description

The Aircool HVLS ceiling fan is distinguished by its energy efficiency, featuring a PMSM motor with a diameter ranging from 6ft to 10ft and operating at a low speed of 110-150RPM. This fan effectively covers up to 300 square meters, surpassing traditional fans and air conditioners with its attributes of being free of maintenance, silent operation, stylish design, Night Black, Bright Silver and Snow White colors are available, energy-saving capabilities, and environmental friendliness. The Aircool utilizes a PMSM motor with optimized material performance and safety measures. The control system ensures a smooth and noiseless operation, complemented by the fan blade's aesthetically pleasing wavy streamline design. SKF Explorer reinforced bearings enhance load capacity and reduce noise, prolonging the machine's runtime.



Main Components:

PMSM Motor

Kale Aircool PMSM motor, adopt genetic optimization algorithm to play the material performance to the limit, using simulation technology to design the best solution to meet the temperature rise demand; Optimize the transmission efficiency and structural design, reduce the stress level, and the joint of the connecting structure is designed with multiple safety protection measures to ensure the safety of the PMSM motor for a long time. PMSM motor adopts vacuum immersion process to guarantee the insulation of immersion paint. The error is only ±10μm in order to ensure the overall performance, dynamic balance and durability of the rotor disc, etc.

    Control System

    Adopt high performance vector and high frequency carrier technology to make the fan start smoothly and run noiseless. Long life devices escort: digital potentiometer, knob switch, electrolytic capacitor and other simple operation, easy to use: save cost, effort and time! 

      Fan Blade

      The product blade adopts the wavy streamline shape design, the European and American designers participate in the international shape design, the fan can use a variety of color collocation to meet the needs of different customer environment.

        SKF bearing

        SKF Explorer reinforced bearing.
        Higher rated load, lower noise, greatly increase running time of the machine.




          Air volume

          Max speed

          Fan weight


          Full load current

          Noise level


























          Installation Condition:

          Our proficient engineering team, specializing in electricity, mechanics, and architecture, is adept at devising tailored installation plans based on stress analysis for diverse structures. Installation, a critical phase, adheres strictly to norms and professional standards, alleviating any concerns. Our services include:

          1.Tailored installation plans

          2.Utilization of well-equipped lift trucks

          3.Extensive expertise in level, height, and balance adjustments

          4.Rigorous dynamic balance tests for steady operation

          5.Application of torque-standardized fasteners for optimal securing

          6.Clear and systematic installation procedures


          Aircool fans are tailored for medium and small commercial spaces, offering adaptability to diverse demands. Ideal for ensuring comfort and productivity, these fans are a top choice for various establishments such as gyms, hotels, and offices.

          Gyms: Maintains a cool and comfortable workout environment.

          Hotels: Enhances guest comfort in common areas and rooms.

          Offices: Improves air circulation for a conducive workspace.

          Beyond: Versatile application in various commercial settings for optimal comfort.


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