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Product Description

The Zephyrus series represents a cutting-edge generation of industrial energy-saving fan products. Featuring a new PMSM permanent magnet motor platform with a maximum diameter of 7.3 meters, it generates three-dimensional natural wind, providing a quick cooling experience in hot summers. The design, inspired by "volcanic lava," exhibits industrial beauty. Built with high-strength materials and brilliant fluorocarbon paint technology, it ensures solidity and visual appeal. The PMSM motor offers efficiency, silence, and a maintenance-free experience. The aviation airfoil fan blade, unique patented connector, and innovative winglet enhance safety, reliability, and economic efficiency. With Schneider and German brand controls, it guarantees protection and certification standards, making Zephyrus a perfect blend of form and function for industrial settings.


Main Components:


PMSM Motor

1.New motor with optimized balance design.
2.Ideal design, high protection grade maintenance free.

3.Efficient Operation.

4.Extremely Silent.

5.Motor Maintenance-free.

    Control System

    Schneider brand electrical sets, with building safety protection module which will shut down the output automatically in case of some accidents. Germany brand control cabinet, passed EMC by SGS and CCC certificates, meanwhile, passed anti-creeping tests which shields electromagnetic interference effectively.
    Protection level is IP55, passing UL, EMC,LVD, ROHS certificates.

      Aviation Airfoil Fan Blade

      1.Aviation airfoil fan blade adopts the industry-leading brand-new fan blade fixing structure, built-in safety parts design, multi-dimensional safety guarantee.
      2.Patented Kale Airfoil Blades™: 2 sets of fan blades are designed with through ribs to make the blades more rigid and ensure the fan's air supply efficiency.


        The kind of empennage is always seen among airplanes and motorcycle races, but it’s not designed for beauty. Eddies will be formed in the end of the streamlined fan blade while airflow is running. With winglet, this part of energy loss will be avoided, fan will run steadily, which will bring economic effect.

          Connector for Fan Blade

          KALE unique patented jacket-type connector adopt three cold forging process + magnetic force grinding process + anodic oxidation process, aviation hard aluminum 7050 aging heat treatment, certificated by the national quality inspection center, it bears more than millions of times of fatigue experiment, completely solve the break and drop problem caused by long time running!




            Air volume

            Max speed

            Fan weight


            Full load current

            Noise level



























            11190 m³ /min







            Installation Condition:

            Recognizing the critical importance of the installation process, we emphasize the adherence to stringent norms, installation standards, and professional expertise to address any uncertainties.


            Key features:

            1.We provide a personalized installation plan tailored to your specific needs.

            2.Our team is equipped with a life truck for a well-prepared installation.

            3.Leveraging extensive experience, we excel in debugging the level, height, and balance during installations.

            4.A dynamic balance test is conducted to ensure a stable and steady operation.

            5.Fasteners are applied with precision to meet torque standards, ensuring optimal and secure fastening.

            6.Our installation process is both concise and scientifically designed, emphasizing efficiency and adherence to established norms.


            The large size of Zephyrus makes it widely applicable for industrial settings such as:

            1.Factories and Warehouses: Enhances air circulation in large industrial spaces, optimizing working conditions for employees.

            2.Manufacturing Plants: Regulates temperatures for precise processes.

            3.Food Processing Facilities: Controls humidity to preserve product quality.

            4.Agricultural Storage: Maintains ideal conditions for crop preservation.

            5.Animal Farming: Supports ventilation in livestock facilities, ensuring a comfortable and healthy environment for animals

            6.Automotive Workshops: Improves air circulation and removes fumes for a comfortable work environment.

            7.Chemical Plants: Manages fume dispersion for worker safety.

            8.Textile Mills: Regulates temperature and humidity during textile manufacturing.

            9.Pharmaceutical Production: Contributes to cleanroom environments for sterile conditions.

            10.Construction Sites: Combats heat and dust for worker well-being.


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