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HVLS Ceiling Fans in Open Air Bar


Parque la ruina is the city park of Hermosillo Mexico. They have an open air bar since the beginning of this park. Thus they installed kale hvls ceiling fans in the park so that they can offer a more comfortable environment to their customers.

HVLS Commercial Ceiling Fan in Hermosillo Airport


In airport, people need good ventilation and cooling inside the building. Kale fans has matched this requirements in Hermosillo airport. What's more, the hvls ceiling fan help them to reach their electrical energy consume goals.

HVLS Fan application in packaging company


Veritiv is a packaging solution company in Mexico. They have factory in Hermosillo. As the weather of Hermosillo is hot. Veritiv Hermosillo was worry about their staff, they want their staff to have the necessary security measures and comfort. Our fans are installed in the storage and production area of Veritiv factory in Hermosillo. These fans helped them a lot on the climate of Hermosillo.

Commercial HVLS Fan Appliacition in Gym


In Gyms, people need a good ventilation and cooling, especially in hot summer. Kale fans can help people to control the temperature in Gyms. Just one fan, covers the whole gyms's capacity which is almost 400㎡. According to the temperature, the velocity of the fan can be stepless speed regulation to get the best effect which makes people feeling most comfortable.

HVLS Fans Change Climate in Manufacturing Workshop


Kuzzy's bodyshop and trailers is supporting the business in general management. They are dedicated to the construction of refrigerated crates and dry crates for any type of use. They got very happy with the production area since the first set of Kale fan installed there.